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The Parable Of The Rest

Righteously Dividing The Enemy                                                                              

     Like Watching Noah's Earth/Flood, (a voice, "mark 17 and 7, like the days of Noah), And There Was Silence In Heaven, Rev. 8:1, 96 AD, my prayer closet 1993 AD  

     -Je suis (I Am, We are) Jesus Christ, Despised by Her Family, Every shilling Grace had went to pay for her son’s hospitalization. Since most hospitals in Uganda demand payment up front, she sold her very last cow. Then, her son died. Immediately, her husband’s relatives came to her home and an argument began. “The uncles wanted to take my son’s body and bury him where his father was buried,” she said. Her son, Michael, was a Christian convert, and the 50-year-old woman had wanted her pastor to perform her son’s funeral.
     -Instead, her Muslim relatives insisted that since her husband had left them to care for his family, they would perform Islamic rites. This issue had been a constant struggle ever since her husband had passed away several years ago. the first thing you read, and how they came to house, pushed his wife, aside, grab and took of him, and aimed a gun and shot him seven time. He who once was a Muslim, but had been converted to Jesus Christ, even an outreach Evangelist, some even called him an Apostle, I mean it is said, he knew this would happen, from a death penalty, to a death threat, to a grave, now he too sat in holy places. See here,

     The sacrifice of the wicked, are an abomination to God, Pro. 21:27, see Cain

     The Sacrifice of God are a broken heart, a broken a contrite heart, O God, thou will not despise, Psalm 51, see Abel  

     God With His Back To It All, (1986), Call Off The 2016 Elections, Remember, Return and Repent! (see Joel 2).

Prophecy Links

     -Seem to have my unbelieving children to for a change forewarn me, how bad the last of this month, June, to the first of next month, July, 06/24/2016, see (2016-2017), (Holy Spirit forewarn something similar, 1998 (see Jer. 37:8, 1998), said lots of people would die, because of it.   
    -Seen to be seeing families fragmented, and their children falling into the care of strangers, 07/16/2016

    -Seen to be seeing the entire country living on one plantation, and soon evacuated into a closed Mexican border, 07/16/2016, see the slow motion exodus, 2001-2017, 


     -For we acknowledge our transgressions and our sins are ever before thee, against thee, thee only God/Father, have we sinned and done this evil in thy sight, that you might be justified when you speak and be clear when you judge. Behold we were shaped in iniquity and in sin did our mother conceive us. See Psalm 51,

     The Prophecies Of The Leopard Skin Coat, as revealed By Apostle’s Parable Of The Toilet, and married book characters, Tiffany Ann (Maaseiah Adonai), and Nicholas Edin Coogan,

Beast Of Beauty

THE UNENDING LOVE ANTEDOTE ...The African Juttah 2012

       And these are the descendants of the beauty rescued from the hands of the beast: Beast Of Beauty Featuring,  Starring:  Nicholas Edin Coogan , Tiffany Ann Saurus,  (Maaseiah Adonai),  The Tribe, Christian Cros Artelon , Spirit River Artelon, and a host of others.  

The African Juttah ...  Beast Of Beauty 2020

     And unto Nicholas Edin Coogan and Tiffany Ann Saurus Coogan was born their twin sons, Agurus (Aggie) Heus Coogan and Heus Agurus Coogan and a daughter a years later, B. Karsiann Coogan

          Beautiful For Situation, The Joy Of The Whole Earth, Is Mount Zion,

                                                    Scene XVII

     “What? I'm sorry what? I asked first,” causing them both to break into charming grimaces, surprisingly was Nicolas Edin well enough to even drive, this miraculous recovery. “I still can't believe you're driving, I feel just fine, what got you so stirred? A revelation Nicolas for sure, tell me, you sure? Yeah, tell me, did I ever Nicolas tell you the dream of the Leopard Skin Coat? It originates at the prophet Jeremiah and Holy Spirit inquiring or suggesting how profoundly intertwined are his people in or with sinful abominations. To the point He ask this weary prophet having preached some 40 years, can the Ethiopian change his skin, or the Leopard his spots? That’s as we here presently Nicholas look at Michael Jackson (see Tower of Babel, Mystery Babylon) as far as skin, and Britain (westernized civilization) as far as spots, ...and the answer Tiffany is no, said change can only come at the heart, it being wicked all the time, right?" Truly astonishing her, a Christian Cros, or a Sioux Noel, or the Juttah Tribe period, giving her these divine responses, but not her Nicholas Edin, not at all him. “You told me something about it, ...yes, artificial loan from the beginning, right? Yeah, whose beauty was like this major, even Nicholas, this genius distraction, ...yeah, yeah, you said you lost it and found it many times, but as you did, I, that’s the husband in the dream was often lost in the midst of it soon to be this beyond blunder of  all things, right? Ah my God, you do remember all those finding the artificial coat Nicholas were always of another ethnicity and all completely mesmerized and inundated heart, mind and soul by it's beauty and celebrity. Though still Tiffany, remind me, ...ok, ok, so in the dream Nicholas, you and I were leaving a party, that even as we made this exit, the host of the party held me up, just me, you darling Nicholas, you went on ahead. This host held me up and both presented and offered up to me this stunning beyond description Leopard Skin Coat, and when Nicholas I say stunning, I mean simply bedazzling. Now as she offered it I knew two things to be true though they weren't evident, this stunner cover was made of artificial fur, and it was strictly on loan from her. So I received it, not considering any of that I just mention, you was already ahead of me, so I had to hurry to catch up. Only as I did hurry, I lost it, I lost the loan, and that too was devastating, it being on loan from the beginning. So as I ventured off from you, from this primary mission of following you, to rediscover it, I found it, but women of Latino Origin, just as mesmerized by it, had taken possession of it. So explaining it was on loan to me, I was then able to retrieve it, only with my husband, you Nicholas, that much more gone ahead of me.  So I’m back on his trail you see, only just as soon I discover, I’ve lost the Leopard Skin cover once more, again I’m heart broken by this, so I go a wondering from my husband, from you once more to find it. Quite this clever, now to discover it, it’s in possession of Asian people and they’re Nicholas with mouth dropping awe at the sure beauty of it. Additionally I explain, though it’s beauty is beyond compare, not only it is of artificial fur, it’s a loan, entrusted to me alone, I see now to us, so I yet take it's possession. Now I 'm as one running to catch up with him, you, the husband, barely able to see him at this point, then of course I lose this by now damning, damaging gift of it. Not as yet realizing being artificial and having no value, none of this is worth losing complete sight of the husband, it's just crazy. Next I know, well in my final research of the lost and found, I arrived in a bedroom, bathroom setting, where in the bed is a white man. You're Nicholas to remember Jesus first punishment toward sexual promiscuity is to cast them into a cursed bed. That hopefully in the bath, I'm unto this artificial loan, impossible now to find, though by now this distractor above distraction had served its purpose, for glancing from the window of this apostate bed and bath, I could see this awful to describe thing. How on the top of the high rise buildings, beds and baths, they’re all filled with these gloomy people, all just as mesmerized as before. Only this time, it's as they're to realize the husband in the dream was actually the Supreme Bridegroom. Henceforth they being distracted by the loan this idolatrous, adulterous kind and He, Jesus had instead taken those caught Righteous of the Bride and left behind to endure as forewarn these 2000 years, this last week of years, incalculable cataclysms, those who'd Nicholas forsaken Him these days without number. Ah my God," as one clearly blinking back stinging tears from his eyes, as so was she wiping just under her eyes, was there now this harsh revelation concerning all of it. "All of it Tiffany as you say happening right now, so yes, yes I do remember, ok Nicholas, here's the thing, I understood everything about this dream up to now, but the last scene. In the last scene, well as you said, I'd lost this master distraction many times and relocated it, not knowing losing sight of you, the Supreme Bridegroom was the most dangerous of all things important on this planet. At the last, seeming I was in this building (see Trump Towers), were I witness a White man in a bed, all with this dramatic lost and research climaxing here. That's there, within a bed/bathroom demonstration, just as what's going on with Target and other public places/restrooms right now, that after this useless research. Of course never again finding it, this indescribably costly loan, it Nicholas having served its purpose, this mountainous heart to mind intrusion. Yeah Tiffany, were you now peering from a bed to bath room window, ....horridly Nicholas, where I could see this disturbing beyond description thing, the husband I, and millions distracted thereby this artificial loan. Awfully who they'd wondered far off from was actually Christ the Lord, the Bridegroom and he’d taken the Bride and left those sorely involved, even dissolved, behind, all now this rooftop oblivion of a mankind. Now Nicholas honey I ask, what's topping and toppling the news right now? The white man/woman, again president over America, and thus it's world leader and all kind of debates and marches about ...ah my God, Tiffany, the old scenario of fitting the square peg into round circles, the gender related, even highly regarded public restrooms. That’s Nicholas, religious, to political, to social debates, even on campus marches, violently so about nothing other than the fate of public restrooms, just like in that dream and I never understood it. Evenly all this maniac of  a distraction, unto this bathroom madness coupled with the threat of an Islamic/Asian reign on American soil and Nuclear War to Armageddon. So not only is the artificial loan fulfilled here, but Nicholas all this is to mark a specific time in mankind's final dispensation, even the at present dwindled to fulfillment, church age, ...the Tiffany, great gathering of saints.” As one saying this with her, was this, itself this miracle, as husband Nicholas Edin had little belief not only in bible prophecy, but the bible period.  Instead it was Tiffany, and her three children, twin sons, Agurus, Heus and a daughter, B. Karsiann, all unto the proposed African Juttah, they were the believers. “Wow sweet heart, I see why you're so mesmerized, its happening, its as you been seeing and warning for years, ....not just me darling Nicholas, I don't want to take credit from the Prophets, to the Christ, and Acts of the Apostle, prior, unto the early church. Though it's all most definitely as the Angel Gabriel 2004, said, being fulfilled. right here, right now, before all seeing eyes, hearing ears, and receptive hearts unto repentant souls, all. You know what that mean right? As one having abruptly pulled out of  traffic, onto a parking lot out of the way, again mesmerizing wife Tiffany Ann, not seeing this side of husband Nicholas, ever. “It sweet heart mean that from the time this artificial coat, loan Tiffany was offered, it went on to represent various periods or dispensations (towers of babel), whenever you and another ethnicity made it’s contact. Don’t you see, right up to this very hour at present, all with the great gathering concerning your prophecies gone into prediction some thirty years this spring right? With Holy Lords now lamenting, “Jesus is on his way here, your argument Tiffany about all of this was, there are those given to know these things, remember? My working in another country for years Tiffany we clearly know the different between someone telling you they're coming. That's averse to someone trustworthy telling you they're on their way here, I can tell you and the kids for weeks I'm coming. Though once I call and say hey babe I'm on my way, on a plane in your direction, hell I can even give you my ETA, you then know, I'm  no longer just coming, I'm pulling up at home within the hour, right? Ok, who you are," opening the door, springing out of the auto, this flabbergasted at him, at this literal new husband to be, "and where is my husband? I know baby, I know, I never, counted it as foolishness,” with sparkling eyes of hers, of mistrusting him filling with new tears, her cheeks, her neck, even this harsh wiping at them, this blow away by him. "Yeah, ok, yeah, I admit that, but now I know that was all a misunderstanding, a misunderstanding? Think about it Tiffany please, I’m surrounded by four intense believers, then these astonishing Jesus like friends, all of them, how can I not Tiffany know these things except it is hard for me to kick against the picks of arrogance, blinding me, my heart, all? Ah I can answer that, by Nicholas spending months at time away from all of it, like you just described, all the more this hatred. I,” as one wiping simultaneously and wondering what was happening to them, even making themselves this public speck able and people perhaps, thinking them crazy. “I had this dream the other night, I was on this search for you, and this odd, soft spoken woman Nicholas answered your phone, explain she had you and it seem,” that out of  a hard swallow, did she notice he too was wiping his eyes, his nose, into a brush of his cheeks, all melting away unto this new Nicholas Edin. “Well she said this odd thing, he’s no good to you anyway, because his knees are broken, ...because Nicholas, his, your knees are broken, who is she Nicholas, who is this person, who is not a person at all, but some demon pretending to be a soft spoken, denoting innocence, woman, even adultery? No, god no, I would never do that to you, to us Tiffany, never, never in a million years, ...ok, ok,” as one appearing genuinely broken hearted, that he’d been so unfair to them all, so harden against Holy Spirits, but now for some reason this was all different. “When I awaken Tiffany,” turning at her, she now the driver, where they yet a couple miles from home and yet full of firing inquiries, “my tearing eyes where stretched toward heaven and this indescribable song was pouring out toward Him Tiffany, toward God. “We exalt thee,” a chorus and all, ...I know, know? That out of a tighten throat did tears spin from them both, truly eyes hath not seen, nor ears heard, neither hath it entered into the heart of man, the things a Holy Lord hath prepared for those who Love (believe) Him. “Yes, the night of Nicholas, and names, I kept hearing names being called, it too this glorious thing, like from this list, you know. The names from the book of life right? Right, how did you know that? You saw into that book Tiffany, as surely as you glanced behind those three time tested doors, the prophet Ezekiel showed you. You’ve kept that to yourself, ...a glance, a look, yes, I even knew the names, until I awaken here again, remember most of what I saw, come to me now at very specific moments, dreams, visions, words, my God is Christ  what is happening to me.  That's to Nicholas us, I think babe, Gabriel said it plain, all is unto fulfillment, so what they’re doing is for our blessed assurance, all of it, right? I tell you I, can’t wait to get home and find that song you know, that version, well, good blessings with that darling Nicholas, there are hundreds and hundreds and I’ve only been able to come slightly close to it. You, sweet heart, you felt it too, this beyond magnificent worship, ...that Tiffany felt so familiar, unchanging, but ever wonderful, you know. I know, but lean not darling dear unto thine own understanding, I saw you there, you saw, yes, only there Tiffany you was the now ascended Bride, I, I, you was in the possession of a stone cut out without hands, I don't, that's not all, this stone," having hit on breaks this stalled at a green light, did a few cars blow and just come around them. "It Tiffany had the surface of a meteor, you tallied back and forth with it, and when you, you Tiffany released it, I then heard a voice say, "this is the Antichrist murderer," then this beyond anything, ever celebration. Look, I know we're not to lean unto our own understanding, but I know that all mean something, actually Nicholas, seeing something like that would have the equivalence of John testifying of seeing a Lamb that looked as though it had been slain. It's the beginning, the end and fulfillment of all things divine, human being and Satan's Seat, all of it Nicholas, all.  "Look, as those finally pulling into the drive, would nothing ever be the same, "we're here, ....yes," as one solemnly popping the door open, easily making this his exit, around to her door, always the gentleman, with her patiently awaiting. "Like you precious wife, I'm just telling you what I heard and what I saw, ...O god," lifted into a feel good, smell good hug of his neck, that kind where you never let go or forget, "they're here, daddy's here, what took you guys so long?" Could they hear the children in the distant rushing out to greet and celebrate them, especially daddy who'd been away in hospice for months. That you be aware, that you be born again, as to pluck ambers from the burning, that you know an Apostle of Christ is among you, Apb, The RAM,     

The Apostles Note

     -Even as I gave this title the flush, I was reminded of the LGPT and P for pedophile having their beginning in what used to be called bath houses, (thus public bathroom). As so while watching the new barber shop movie, and they hinting around how Obama’s two consecutive terms as President was to bring the slave to civil right movement full circle, totally resolving it, surely what Dr. King must be thinking? That even as they debated such things, I could just hear the flushing of a toilet, just this eerie demonstration of those rebellious against the miraculous grace Elohim hath for them, and the making of horrors of it. Thus with their authentic Savior, as is portrayed by this parable, always forgotten and forsaken, is Jesus Christ, that immortal that mortals have always forgotten. 
     -The dream of the loan of the artificial leopard skin coat that mesmerizes into indescribable distraction everyone making it's contact. Oddly, It climaxes along this elaborate lost and found scenario of a bed and bath scene of said distract during which Jesus come in unnoticeably and snatch out the Righteous Bride from among them, His Blood, their Faithfulness causing them to be Worthy. Well I never understood why this mystery along a full bed and empty bath demonstration, except from who's window I could easily investigate people stranded on the rooftops as those sorely left behind and gone all the more this crazy, until now, the bed and bath brawls of the leopards verses the Ethiopians.
     -As usual by a portrayal of blessed assurance, doing a dream last night, I was in the midst of names from the book of life this glorious being called. I haven't said much about it but a few months ago, I did have a dream where I was allowed a look into a book written straight through with names of it, further proof I guess of it's existence. Then as I woke up there was this song playing in my head, "We Exalt Thee," so, so beautiful and of those I'm sharing two of the ones I found below, so you with me can also worship Him, a God beyond worthy, awake, be as aware as God Himself, Apb, The RAM, see here,     

Listening to, LA Mass Choir, "We Exalt Thee,"

Listening to Kim Walker Smith and crying my eyes out, “I Exalt Thee,”

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